Hello, we are Gustavo and Monica. This blog goes out to any sort of long distance relationship you're not alone, ask for advice, tell me about your day, tell me your guyses story, anything, i promise i'll answer. and most of all, stay strong and positive fight through the distance, it's worth the wait.

Y por aquellos que hablan español, tambien doy consejos. Un beso!

Hey guys, i know i haven’t posted in a while but im back :) It would really mean a lot if you could check out these pictures of me and my boyfriend. I left the link below. Thanks :* <3

"Sí podría quererte más, pero tal vez mis suspiros me ahogarían, amor."
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Teen Fads, 1947  
 Girl ties her hair scarf around her boyfriends neck as a fond token. Boy often gives football sweater as token to his girl.

Lets go back in time

and then people ask me why I loved the 40’s and 50’s
"Y de todas las mujeres que había en el universo,
te señalé a ti, porque tenías los ojos más bonitos del mundo
y porque tenías el mundo más bonito en tus ojos."
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